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Digital television technology

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Update time : 2022-08-19 16:39:33
                                                                                 Digital television technology

Digital TV technology can be understood as TV equipment with digital signals.
This technology converts the TV signal from the cable station into digital TV signal after digital compression and modulation, and transmits the signal through cable TV cable and TV satellite. The set-top box demodulates and decodes the digital signal to restore the original TV image and sound. The entire signal transmission process is completed by digital technology.
Therefore, this technology is called digital television technology.

Digital TV technology has the following advantages:

1) The transmitted signal is more stable. The application of digital TV technology in cable television network can be said to be a historic progress. Compared with previous TV transmission technology, digital TV technology has higher signal stability during signal transmission, which plays an important role in the transmission of TV signals. effect.

2) Strong operability. When processing the transmitted signal, the digital TV technology is more convenient and effective to process the signal, and the operability is stronger. The digital TV technology adopts an asynchronous processing method in the signal processing, which can improve the processing speed of the transmitted signal and improve the operability of the signal. processing efficiency.

3) The definition of the TV picture is high. The traditional TV signal transmission process focuses on the usability of the signal. With the rapid development of science and technology, people have higher requirements for the quality of TV pictures, and the application of digital TV technology has largely met people's requirements.

4) The range of channels for viewing can be expanded. Digital TV technology can transmit more TV signals through technical advantages, and with the continuous improvement of digital TV technology, the range of channels that users can watch will expand, providing viewers with more excellent programs.

5) Realize the combination with Internet technology. Digital TV technology can realize technical services such as channel opening on demand, TV information encryption processing, etc. that cannot be achieved by traditional TV transmission technology. The combination of digital TV technology and the Internet is also the development trend of TV media in the future.