Network Problems in The Live Broadcast of The World Cup

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Update time : 2022-11-22 16:34:14
Are you watching the FIFA World Cup live? Does the WiFi signal suddenly lag while streaming and need to load the network? Have you ever encountered a situation where the WiFi signal in the living room is strong but the WiFi signal in the bedroom is weak? Don't Worry! Here are 6 ways to boost your WiFi signal to help you have a better experience watching the World Cup or other live broadcasts.

6 Ways to Fix the World Cup Live Streaming Problem
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Method 1: Restart your WiFi router
Does your phone need a reboot for a better user experience? Likewise, a router will take up a lot of memory by processing a lot of data for a long time, it will refresh and serve you best with a proper reboot ! You can follow these steps:
- Check the network connection first.
-Secondly, make sure your router has been updated to the latest version, it will keep your router in better working condition.
- Third, restart the router.

Method 2: Catch and remove WiFi thieves
There are too many softwares with powerful features to hack WiFi. Your WiFi signal can be stolen by neighbors. When multiple devices are connected to the network, the speed becomes slower and weaker. You need to use complex, strong passwords to prevent brute force attacks. If you're still concerned, the WOLCK WiFi 6 router might be different. It supports advanced client network settings and WPA3, which can greatly protect your network security.

Method 3: Put the Router in the Best Location
Have you placed your router in a corner or near a metal object that emits electromagnetic waves? This is wrong and will seriously interfere with the WiFi signal! It is recommended to place it in the center of your house, at least 1 meter high. The antenna can be aimed at devices that frequently need to be connected to the Internet. In the case of a duplex, the router's antenna can be adjusted to 45 degrees to suit your network needs.

Method 4: Switch to the 5GHz band
Compared with the 2.4 GHz band, the 5GHz band has a cleaner network environment, less interference, more stable speeds, and higher wireless speeds. You can view the 5GHz option on the router's admin interface. Switching to the 5GHz band will give you a better internet speed experience. But your devices (including routers and end devices) must support 5G frequency bands.

Method 5: Use a WiFi 6 router
When all else fails, you can try a WiFi 6 router to increase your internet speed. Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6 will bring you a completely different network experience. Take the WOLCK WiFi 6 router HG5050 as an example, it supports WiFi 6 with a rate of up to 1501Mbps, and the data transmission speed is 38% faster than WiFi 5. And 5 high-gain antennas are used, which can easily transmit 3 walls, greatly improving the signal strength.

Method 6: Set up a mesh WiFi network
A complete WiFi signal solution! Unlike traditional networks, all nodes of a mesh network are connected to each other. There are multiple connection channels between any two nodes, and all nodes are connected to each other to form a complete network. The strong signal of the mesh WiFi network easily extends coverage throughout your entire house! Then you can watch the game smoothly from home.

In the router market, there are few established brands that support mesh networking systems. It is worth mentioning that the WOLCK WiFi EasyMesh network will be a good solution for you. It can help you build a mesh WiFi network with a strong signal covering every corner of your house, providing you with a pleasant surfing experience.

In view of the wifi signal enhancement and network problems in the live broadcast of the World Cup, 6 solutions are proposed. Try to find what works for your own situation. If you have any questions, please comment below!
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