1310nm/1550nm Mini Optical Transmitter

Item No.: VT-1510MI
VT-1510MI indoor optical transmitter is a 1550nm optical wavelength RF signal transmission device in HFC broadband transmission network. The product adopts the direct light intensity modulation method, the lower working input RF signal level requirements, the product is suitable for CATV front-end with more channels.
Description Features Technical Parameter
  • Built-in high performance imported stamen chip , guaranteed excellent output
  • Built-in optical receiver circuit , you can set open and close
  • Built-in double Coaxial laser (1550nm)and APC circuit
  • Built-in high performance CPU , Precise control of AGC and MGC
  • Dual display design, digital tube real-time display optical receiver power size (dBm), LCD display working parameters
  • Mini fuselage design and good heat dissipation
Technical Parameter
  Wavelength nm         1550±20
  Output power   dBm         10
  Optical return losee   dB         ≥60
  Bandwidth   MHz         45~865/1000
  Input level   dBuV         75~85
  Flatness   dB         ±0.75
  Input inpedance   Ω         75
  RF return losee   dB         ≥16
  CNR   dB         ≥51
CSO   dB         ≥60
  CTB   dB         ≥65
Power   V         110~264VAC
Consumption W         15W
  Working temp   ℃         0~45
  Storage temp   ℃         -20~+65
  Dimension   mm         225(L)*180(W)*35(H)
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