Item No.: WK-OLT-8PG
Wolck presents the industry's leading GPON solution of WK-OLT-8PG, which complies with the relevant standards of ITU G.984.x and FSAN.

WK-OLT-8PG is 1U Rack mount equipment, 8pon ports, 8 GE uplink optic ports, 8 GE uplink electric ports. The maximum optical coupling ratio of 1:128, up to 1024 GPON ONTs. The down link band width is 2.5Gbps and uplink bandwidth is 1.25Gbps. The product is in compact design and convenient for flexible using, easy to deploy with high performance.
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 GPON OLT Series
Pizza-box GPON OLT Meets Flexible and Fixed Broadband Deployment(4/8/16 Ports)

 Applicable Scenarios
Template setting parameters, plug & play, easy to navigate FTTH, zero threshold low-cost O&M.

L3 OLT = L3 Router + L2 OLT
Provides Layer 3 dynamic routing protocols of RIP/OSPF,Automatic routing switch for uplink to protect data transmission

Easy Configuration, Plug & Play
Template configuration, plug and play, fast deployment


Powerful security protection
Firewall Based on flexible strategy can effectively resist all kinds of attacks.


Support Full Services Management

FTTH Application

Ordering Information
Product Name Product Description Power Configuration Accessories
1*AC Power
2*AC Power
2*DC Power
1*AC Power+1*DC Power

GPON SFP C++ module
GPON SFP C+++ module
1G SFP module
10G SFP+ module
WK-OLT-8PG 8*GPON,2*GE(SFP)+2*10G(SFP+)+4xGE(RJ45)
WK-OLT-8PG GPON OLT completely meet relative standard of ITU G.984.x and FSAN, which is 1U rack-mounted device with1 USB interface, 4 uplink GE ports, 4 uplink optical ports, 2 10-gigabit uplink ports and 8 GPON ports, each GPON port supports the splitting ratio of 1:128 and provides downstream bandwidth of 2.5Gbps and upstream bandwidth of 1.25Gbps, system support 1024 GPON terminals accessing in for the most. This product meets the requirements in device performance and size of compact server room as the product has high performance and compact size, is convenient and flexible to use, and is easy to deploy as well. Moreover, the product meets the requirements of promoting network performance, improving reliability and reducing power consumption in the perspective of access network and enterprise network and is applicable to three-in-one broadcast television network, FTTP (Fiber to the premise), video monitoring network, enterprise LAN (Local Area Network), internet of things and other network applications with a very high price/performance ratio.
  • Meet ITU-T G.984/G.988 standard and relative GPON standards of Chinese Communication Industry
  • Support OMCI remote management for ONT/ONU, compatible with ITU-T G.984.4/G.988 OMCI Protocol
  • 1U height 8PON OLT product in compact design of Pizza-Box
  • Layer 2 Switching Function
  • QOS Guarantee
  • Easy-to-Use Management System
Technical Parameter
Dimension (L*W*H) 442mm*220mm*43.6mm 442mm*320mm*43.6mm
Uplink Port
QTY 4 8 8
RJ45(GE) 2 4 4
SFP(GE)  / 2 /
SFP+(10GE) 2 2 4
GPON Port QTY 4 8 16
Physical Interface SFP Slots, Class C++/Class C+++ Connector Type, Max splitting ratio ≤ 1:128
Management Ports 1*FE out-band port, 1*CONSOLE port, 1*USB2.0,
1*Type-C USB(For console, G2-B)
PON Port Specification
(Class C+++ Module)
Transmission Distance 20KM
GPON port speed Upstream 1.244Gbps, Downstream 2.488Gbps
Wavelength TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
Connector SC / UPC
Fiber Type 9/125μm SMF
TX Power +4.5 ~ +10dBm
Rx Sensitivity  -30dBm
Saturation Optical Power -12dBm
(Single AC Power)
Net Weight 2.95kg 4.05kg 4.80kg
Gross Weight 4.15kg 5.65kg 6.40kg
Power Supply AC:100~240V, 47/63Hz or/and DC:-48V,
Power Consumption 35W 45W 85W
Working Temperature 0°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity 5 ~ 90% (non-conditioning)
Management Mode EMS, TR069 VACS, WEB, SNMP, Telnet , CLI
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