FTTH Optical Node with WDM

Item No.: FT-1000WMS
VR-860WMC Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is the ultimate development goal of broadband access, and the optical receiver is the end product that caters to this goal. This machine adopts high isolation WDM technology to separate CATV and ONU signals.
Description Features Technical Parameter Review
VR-860WMC mini-ultra-low power receiver optical receiver is our company specifically to deal with FTTH - fiber to the home network structure and the introduction of another feature. The product shell is small, the internal circuit is compact and reasonable; excellent performance indicators, is the district or FTTH network of choice for products.
  • Positive RF branch output, the impedance is 75Ω.
  • Using gallium arsenide amplification device.
  • 12V DC voltage supply.
  • Using wavelength division multiplexing photoelectric tube.
  • Compact and easy to install.
Technical Parameter
Item Unit Performance Parameter
Optical  characteristic input wavelength (nm) 1310,1490,1550
Output wavelength (nm) 1310,1490
CATV operation wavelength (nm) 1540~1560
channel separation (dB) ≥40(1310/1490nm and 1550nm)
response (A/W) ≥0.9
receive power range (dB) +3~-18
reflection loss (dB) ≥55
fiber linker / LC/APC
RF characteristic Bandwidth/flatness MHz/dB 47-1000/≤±1
output level dBuv 82/76/70±1/(-2~--9/-12/-15dBm)
output level adjustment dB 0~-18
reflection loss dB ≥14(75Ω characteristic impedance)
RF output interface / Metric (one way output)
CNR/MER dB ≥44/34(PAL-D 60CH,OMI3.8%,-9dBm)

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