Mini Active Optical Receiver

Item No.: FT-1000MS
Fiber to the home ( FTTH ) broadband access is the ultimate development goal, FT-1000MS optical receiver is the target terminal products for this goal. The optical power receiving monitoring indicator LED ( ≥-15dBm) is provided on the pane and it supports RF outputs constantly , convenience of customers use, which is the ideal receiver equipment for FTTH.
Description Features Technical Parameter
  • Positive RF branch output, the impedance is 75Ω.
  • Using gallium arsenide amplification device.
  • 12V DC voltage supply.
  • Using wavelength division multiplexing photoelectric tube.
  • Compact and easy to install.
Technical Parameter
Item Unit Technique Parameter Remark
Operating Bandwidth nm 12101610  
Receiving optical power dBm -150  
Optical connector   SC/APC  
RF connector   MM  
Frequency range MHz 471000  
Frequency response flatness dB ±1  
Output return loss dB ≥14  
Output RF impedance Ω 75  
Rated Output Level dBuV 70±2 -15dBm receiving optical power 62DB
C/N dB ≥43 -9dBm receiving optical power59 way PAL-D signal +16way digital channel
C/CSO dB ≥62
C/CTB dB ≥62
MER dB ≥32 -12dBm receiving optical power, 80way digital signal
MER dB ≥29 -15dBm receiving optical power, 80way digital signal
voltage AC\V AC220 Power adapter
Working temperature -25+55  
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