Mini Passive Optical Receiver with WDM

Item No.: FT-1000NW
Fiber to the home ( FTTH ) broadband access is the ultimate development goal, FT-1000WMC optical receiver is the target terminal products for this goal. This device adopts technology of high isolation WDM in order to separate CATV and ONU signal. The optical power receiving monitoring indicator LED ( ≥-15dBm) is provided on the pane and it supports RF outputs constantly , convenience of customers use, which is the ideal receiver equipment for FTTH.
Description Features Technical Parameter
  • With WDM
  • Designed For FTTH (Fiber To The Home Network)
  • No Power Required
  • Lensed protection and high responsivity PD for more performance
  • Excellent Linearity and Flatness
  • Frequency range 40-1000MHz For CATV End-users
  • Optical Connector: SC/APC
  • PVC Casing (Attractive customized case colours)
  • Small and Cute Design for Easy Handling
  • With RF Shielding Protection
Technical Parameter
Item Unit indicator
Optical parameters:
Input optical power dBm -15~0
Reflection loss dB >45
Received light wavelength nm 1310~1550
Input optical interface   SC/APC-SC/PC
Link performance:
C/N dB ≥51
C/CTB dB ≥65
C/CSO dB ≥62
RF parameters:
Frequency Range MHz 47~1000
In-band flatness dB 1.5
Output level dBμV 50 (-10dBm test)
60 (-5dBm test)
64 (-3dBm test)
70 (0dBm test)
RF output impedance Ω 75
Mer dB 33 (-10dBm test)
dB 37 (-5dBm test)
dB 37 (-3dBm test)
dB 37 (0dBm test)
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